Above ground pool ideas – make a big splash no matter what size your outdoor space

If there’s one element that will transform your entire backyard, there’s nothing more exciting and enviable than a pool. But if you’re hoping to take the plunge in time for the warm weather ahead, an above-ground pool is your best bet.

Traditionally placed right on top of your yard, above-ground pools are often more affordable, easier, and faster to install than the average in-ground variety. They are also one of the most feasible pool ideas, with fewer obstacles and fewer local zoning laws to battle.

That said, easy isn’t always pretty—the average above-ground pool sticks out, its walls rendered in unsightly resin and steel (they aren’t exactly natural beauties). But style-driven options are changing the game: affordable and tiny stock tank pools alongside prefabricated plunge pools have popped up, while a new breed of shipping container pools also arrived with a splash.

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