Best Above Ground Pool Pumps of 2022

Best Above Ground Pool Pumps of 2022

Many pool owners tend to overlook the most vital component of keeping your above-ground pool circulating in optimum condition all summer long. Pool pumps for above-ground pools are a different breed than their inground counterparts but the same principle applies to both. The water and chemicals must be circulated throughout the vessel in order to filtrate impurities and keep the pool crystal clear. Without a quality above-ground pool pump, you’re apt to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to keep the pool clean instead of actually enjoying it.

The best above-ground pool pumps have the ability to efficiently circulate the water and help you keep your pool free without constant maintenance. When considering which pool pump to purchase you need to consider several important factors; the warranty and lifespan of the span, the brand, and the features of the pump that you’re buying.

Pool Magazine is here to make your job of picking out the best above-ground pool pump that much easier. We’ll discuss single speed, dual speed, and variable speed pumps as well as discuss the various sizes, voltage, and horsepower of pumps.

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