How to Make the Best Above Ground Pools Look Even Better, According to Designers

When it comes to selecting an above ground pool, you’ll likely be choosing between two main types: soft walls and hard walls made from steel. The former is considered a more temporary relief from the sun (it’ll only last a few summers), whereas the latter is a long-term investment, as it will likely be made from steel, resin, or aluminum. “A soft-sided pool is easy to assemble and take down at the end of the season,” explains Greg Canfield, Leslie’s pool expert. “Hard-wall pools are also customizable, so you can select all of the features such as the liner, ladder, rails, and more to fit your needs. If well maintained, hard-wall pools can last you anywhere from 15 to 30 years.”

But the best above ground pools aren’t just a budget-friendly solution to a cooling water feature. As Simon shares, an above ground pool, when styled, can become the centerpiece of your backyard.

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