Initial Scheduling

Initial Scheduling

Old Pool  Or Existing Deck Is Considered A Custom Pool Installation Site

When replacing an existing pool that was attached to an old deck and/or wanting the new pool aligned within 4 inches or closer to that structure, there will be a minimum charge of $ 300.00 for the custom installation, the NO charge area is at a minimum of 1 foot away to allow installers access to walk around and work on the new pool being installed

Excavation Extra

When replacing an old pool that was 48” tall and the new pool is 52”, 54”, 56”, inches tall and /or was buried and the ground needs to be excavated to match an old deck height and/or to clean up the over growth of dirt, rocks, mulch, or anything around the outer edges of the old existing pool site, there will be a minimum charge of $ 500.00 to excavate the pool location and make it a workable area. (Payable to the excavator)

Access To Pool Site

We need a minimum 6 ft. opening for ground leveling equipment, if this is not possible, please let us know so we can arrange a crew with equipment that can accommodate a 3 ft. opening (standard gate opening).

SAND: ____________ TONS of  sand needed for the installation

Note: Delivery available in most areas, when scheduling ask if we can make these arrangements for you. Sand should be delivered at least 24 hours prior to installation. It should be dumped in the driveway or at least 10 ft. away from the pool site. Please do not place the sand in the pool site.

If you have it dumped in your yard, we suggest placing something hard like plywood down. The sand will leave a mess if nothing is put down.


  • Public: the pool can be filled with your hose.
  • Well: You may want to consider having a water truck. (not necessary and is at your discretion)

Note: We will need at least 1-2 inches of water to set the liner and install the fittings for the skimmer and return.

If you are filling the pool with city water, call your water company and let them know that x amount of gallons will be used to fill a pool. In most cases they will discount your water bill by not adding on sewage since it is not considered waste water.

All Payments Are Due In Cash, Certified Check, Money Order, VISA, Mastercard or Discover.

We Do Not Accept Personal Checks.

Contact Us

Main – 800-818-2637

When you initially call our office, please have the following information ready

  • Name
  • Address
  • Where pool is to be installed
  • Size of pool
  • Make & model
  • Purchased from what dealer
  • Salesperson’s name

Accessories (Installed By Us)

  • Deck, side or end, how many pieces
  • Walk around decking
  • Safety fencing around pool
  • Wall foam
  • Walk down steps
  • Lights (return line lights are included in the price)
  • Port holes
  • Bottom drains
  • Ladder enclosure
  • Ladders (we only install ladders that attach directly to the decking entrance, no a-frame ladders, no in pool ladders)