What to Expect

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What to Expect

Our Pool Installation Prices Include:

  • A Written Guarantee
    Our work is guaranteed in writing for your protection.
  • All Building Materials (Except For Sand & Water):
    We will let you know how much sand you will need depending on what size pool you have.
  • Hand Tamp, Hand Trowel, Sand Bottoms:
    The sand bottom is tamped and troweled to help with vacuuming and to remove wrinkles in the pools liner during installation.
  • Patio Block Filtration Pad:
    To provide a sturdy base for the filtration system to sit on.
  • Full Explanation Of The Filtration System:
    The installer will fully explain how to operate the filtration system.
  • One Day Installation:
    Installations will be one day unless there are missing parts or the yard has obstructions/conditions that cause delays in the excavation.
  • Ground Leveling:
    The first 6″ of ground leveling cost are $500.00. Every Inch thereafter is $25.00 per inch. The ground leveling is done with a bobcat/skid steer a minimum 6′ ft. opening / access is needed. (If access can not be made additional fees will apply to do the leveling with smaller digging equipment and /or hand digging with shovels.)
  • Friendly Customer Service:
    After your pool is installed you may have some questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to help in any way that we can.

Our High Standards


This picture shows how the sand is troweled, first the sand is tamped to help compact it and then troweled. This will make vacuuming the pool easier.


This picture shows how the finished troweled bottom looks before the liner is installed. Our installers will hang the liner from outside of the pool we do not get inside and walk around causing footprints.


Most liners come with excess material, our installers will roll up the additional material and conceal it underneath the top ledge of the pool. This will enable you to see the design of the pool wall.


Our installers will not leave boxes, packaging materials or any type of trash scattered in your yard. All of the boxes will be flattened out and left in a neat pile for easier clean up. Customer is responsible to remove all packaging materials and debris.