2023 Pool Closing Special!

For a limited time, we’re taking $50 off!  Regular price:  $324.99, Closing Special $274.99!

Service Includes:

  • Pool Inspection
  • Water Draining to Proper Level
  • Application of Winterizing Chemicals
  • Disconnection and Winterizing of Filter
  • Storage of Filter in Designated Area
  • Installation of Skimmer Guard / Faceplate
  • Installation of Return Line Plug
  • Placement of Air Pillow
  • Installation and Securing of Winter Cover

Items You Need:

  • Winterization Chemical Kit
  • Winter Cover
  • Cable and Turn Buckle for Cover
  • Skimmer Guard / Faceplate
  • Return Line Plugs
  • Air Pillow
  • Water Bags (Only Needed if Deck Covers the Pool’s Top Ledge)

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