The Best Pool Algicides Keep Your Water Sparkling, Without Harsh Chemicals

Swimming pools are notoriously finicky when it comes to maintenance. That pristine blue water doesn’t come without some planning: Neglect to monitor the chlorine levels or skip a vacuum treatment, and the next thing you know, those crystal-clear waters have become cloudy pea soup. Say goodbye to the pool party.

That’s where algicides come in. “Quats” and polymer algicides use detergents and chemicals to kill algae, and some treatments involve “shocking” your pool with a high-chlorine concentration, which can come with its share of red eyes and irritated skin. Plus it’s off-limits to swimmers for 24 hours until the chlorine returns to safe levels.

The best pool algicides, in our book, rely on naturally occurring minerals or ultraviolet light to sanitize your pool, forgoing the need for harsh chemicals and reducing your pool’s dependency on chlorine. “Some people are sensitive to the chlorine,” says Mara McCartney, senior product manager at Fluidra, a company that makes products designed to help homeowners manage their pools. “Using less chlorine feels better on your hair and your swimsuit, and some people just don’t like using a lot of chemicals in their pool.”

Your pool is the sparkling centerpiece of summer entertaining, so read on for how to keep it clean all season long.

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Hand holding and pouring algicide blue liquid from glass into water of swimming pool. Water purification and prevention of appearance of algae and microorganisms.
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