The Best Solar Pool Heaters of 2022

The Best Solar Pool Heaters of 2022

While a backyard pool can be refreshing on a hot summer’s day, water that’s too cold can be downright shocking. Getting a pool to a comfortable temperature can be a challenge, especially in early summer or if the pool happens to be in a shady spot. Fortunately, there are solar pool heaters that can warm up chilly waters and end the shivering.

These heaters consist of large panels that sit on the ground or mount to the roof of a house. Water is pumped through a webwork of channels that run through each panel, warming it with the heat of the sun before it’s pumped back into the pool.

Since these solar pool heaters require no electricity and can be installed by a DIYer, they are also an economical means of warming up a frigid pool. This guide describes important features to consider when shopping for a solar pool heater and includes details about some of the best solar pool heaters on the market.

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