When We Arrive

The Pool Installers will need to know the following:

Where you want the pool and the filtration system. Please have these areas planned and possibly marked before we arrive.

We will need access to the pool and all of its parts (anything we will be installing ). The crew will need to take an inventory to make sure everything needed is there.

The permit needs to be obtained before the pool installation. The location you have picked for the pool must meet the townships/county’s codes, being proper distances away from property lines and existing structures. The ground also needs to be excavated according to the townships codes.

We will need access to an electrical outlet for tools needed for the installation.

A Transit level is used to take an accurate measurement of how far off level the pool site is. The ground leveling fees are $250.00 for the first 6″ inches and $25.00 per inch for every inch thereafter. A price for leveling can be provided once the measurement is taken. The homeowners authorization is needed before any ground leveling can begin.

Designate a area in the yard for waste materials from the ground leveling to be piled (dirt, roots, rock, grass etc.) Please have this area planned before we arrive.

Once the liner is installed we will need to begin filling the pool to set it in place (1-2 inches of water). If you plan on using your hose check to see if it will reach to where the pool is going. If a water truck is scheduled tell the foreman what time it should be arriving.

After the installation is complete the installer will explain how to operate the filtration system and how to connect the vacuum. Please have the person(s) who will be taking care of the pool present for this explanation.

Any questions you have regarding chemicals should be directed to the store where the pool was purchased. Our staff is not knowledgeable in this area.

Ground Leveling:

Expect an excavator to call you to set up an excavation time for your pool installation 1 to 7 days in advance of your install date. Please have a 6ft opening ready to access your yard. To get an idea how off level the pool site is see illustrations detailing our process

We need a 6 ft. opening to get into the yard if the pool size is 21 ft. round or larger. For oval pools 12×18 or larger. If the pool is smaller than size’s mentioned we can bring smaller equipment that will fit threw a standard gate opening. Please have this opening ready before the installation date given. This is the customers responsibility to have ready. (if you can not make 6 ft access for larger pools please inform us so we can make other arrangements to do the ground work)

Expect to have to clean up your yard after the pool is installed. The pool site is a construction site. There will probably be some tire tracks where the machine has to ride on the yard to get to the pool site and the sand. There will be waste material left over that will be piled up in a designated area in the yard. This material will consist of dirt, rocks, roots etc.. C&D’s Installers does not remove anything from the customers yard. How much or what size the pile will be will depend on the amount of ground leveling needed to be done, every yard is different.

People Are Talking…

“The office staff was very polite and courteous and the installers and foreman were something else, they were so polite, they are very hard workers and the foreman made sure I knew everything before they left, Thank you!”

K. Fuss, Frederick, MD
15×30’ Oval Pool

“The installers were awesome they were very kind and professional I would and will recommend them to everyone who gets a pool! Thanks you!”

J. Black, Chester, PA
24’ Round pool

“I would recommend C&D’s Installers to any and all of my friends and relatives. A job well done thank you!”

J. & R. Ansteine, York, PA
21’ Round Pool

“Everything and everyone that works for C&D’S Installers was Professional and polite and willing to answer any and all of my questions, Great job, thank you”

C. Oteyza, Bel Air, MD
15×30’ Oval Pool

“The scheduler was very professional, knowledgeable, great to work with, the installation crew was professional, courteous and extremely diligent about their work, it is refreshing to see such good work ethic, the crew also worked together as a team encouraging and helping each other, the Forman was articulate and very knowledgeable overall it was a delightful experience, and I will recommend C&D’S Installers to others, thank you!”

J. Hickey, Elkton, MD
27’ Round Pool

“Thank you very much, I don’t think i ever seen a team of more hard working and dedicated to quality, your talent will not go unnoticed, your boss is very lucky to have you working for them thanks for leaving the yard looking nice.”

M. Stone, Baltimore, MD
24” Round Pool

“The installers did great work, quality & professional. Went the extra mile to make sure everything looked good!! Thank you.”

M. Marshall, Baltimore, MD.
18’x 33′ Deck & Fence Oval Pool

“The installation of our pool was wonderful! Forman and crew were great guys, and did a fantastic job! Thanks Again! “

D. Hughes, York, PA.
16’x 24′ Oval Pool

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