Why I Am Getting an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

The dream of owning your own pool has now become possible for the average family. They used to be available only to the rich. Modern above-ground pools have changed all of that.

When they first became available, above-ground pools were little more than glorified toys. Ugly and expensive, there was not much reason to recommend them. They didn’t even have circulation systems in them, so the only way to keep the water fresh was to drain and refill it.

In the 1950s, manufactured pools began to use filtration systems. In the 1970s, innovations in design and materials made them more attractive, sturdier, and more reliable. The price was still prohibitive for most people.

However, as these pools have become more popular, the price has continued to drop, making them affordable for most families.

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Young woman in bikini on Float Mattress in round above ground swiming pool in backyard
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