Pool Closings

As winter approaches, it’s best to close your pool properly in order to keep it safe from the elements After all, a pool is an expensive investment, and to protect it, you should call on a professional to handle your pool closing. At C&D’s Installers, Inc, our team understands how to care for all types of pools. And we can come in and get your pool all closed in time for the cold weather months.


At C&D’s Installers, Inc, we pride ourselves on excellence in all that we do. Our pool closing service includes:

  • Removing all pool equipment
  • Place in designated area for the winter with customer directions
  • Winterizing your pool and its related equipment
  • Adding winter chemicals as needed to maintain your investment

If you have a pool, get it closed properly before the cold weather sets in. To make an appointment for your pool closing service, call our team today.


People Are Talking…

“The installation crew was very professional and worked diligently. The office staff was very informative and professional. The installation crew was THE BEST! Thanks!”

J. Howard, Marlton, NJ – 24 Rd. Install

“Crew did a great job and office was helpful explaining process, thank you!”

S. Ruth, Joppa, Md. – 27 Rd. Install

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